A section of the Chini Museum, designed and built

for families and children.

A space that links two basic principles: the independence of children and respect for the building in which it is located, Villa Pecori Giraldi.

An environment built for children: to help them independently explore through creative languages.

An area open to experimentation and imagination, where young users will find unusual tools to help them play and learn..

The Children’s Museum is organised into seven rooms, designed using waste materials from the company, thus giving new life and renewed value to the objects, through new uses and functions. Here, children are free to express their talent, drawing inspiration from 20th century artists and contributing, with their creations, to building an exhibition of creative “traces”. The Children’s Museum is a place where it is forbidden not to touch!


To book an educational visit for a group or a class phone (+39) 334 1462087 and then, after agreeing the date, time and other specifications, fill out the pdf form below and send it to didattica@museochini.it


Thank you!

  • New features in some rooms of the Children Chini Museum Spring has arrived, and the rooms are refres

  • On Easter Monday is just a question of smell! Monday 22/04/2019 > 16,00 – 18,00 Workshop – Childr